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Large Hooded Bathrobes

Luxury Hooded Bathrobes for Men and Women

TowelHoodies are all about luxurious comfort and long-lasting durability. We are extremely pleased to bring to you our new 100% cotton terrycloth hooded towels for women and men.

Featuring thick absorbant cotton, a fully lined hood and generous cuffs, the stylish lines of these hooded robes and premium luxury fabric keep you warm and cozy after a bath, a spa or just to snuggle up at home.

Luxury Bathrobe

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Of course it wouldn't be a Towelhoodie without a comforting hood to cover your head and retain body heat with soft breathable cotton. Like all Towelhoodies products, the terry cotton weave endures numerous washings for years of robust use.



Choose from the Classic White or Navy Hooded Robes for men and women.

Cotton Hooded Bathrobe

Bath Robe Sizing:
Our Bath Robes best fit
men and women who are 5'7" and taller.

$89.00 $84.00Select options

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