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Hooded Towels for Adults

Unique Christmas Gift
“The Gift of Quality and Warmth.”

Thanks for Another Season of Warmth and Style! 🌲❤️

Hooded Towels for Adults and Teens

TowelHoodies are the most plush and absorbent hooded towels, made from eco-friendly terry-cloth combed cotton for extra softness.

Everyone loves to reach for a cozy TowelHoodie. Select your choice of vibrant ribbon for each hooded towel.

Luxury You Can Feel for Years of Soft Comfort

The Finest 100% Pure Terry-cloth Cotton

We import only the most plush and absorbent cotton bath sheets (generous-sized towel-body measures 70″X35″ ). Our trademark hood looks amazing while keeping loved ones warm.

Strong enough for both Beach and Bath. Every TowelHoodie lasts for years of cozy times.

Only the Best!
Thick combed cotton make TowelHoodies comfy and absorbent, the best Luxury Hooded Towels!


TowelHoodie with Strawberry Ribbon Trim

Authentic imported “Jacquard” Ribbon featuring a stunning, floral “Strawberry” theme for an amazing look.

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More Gorgeous Jacquard Ribbon Trim!

  • TowelHoodie with Hearts Ribbon

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  • tropical-ribbon

    TowelHoodie with Tropical Ribbon

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  • aztec ribbon hooded towel

    TowelHoodie with Aztec Ribbon

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  • TowelHoodie with Festive Holly Trim

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  • Purple Swirl Ribbon for Adult Hooded Towel

    TowelHoodie with Purple Swirl Ribbon

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  • TowelHoodie with Yellow Flower Ribbon

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Classic Solid Ribbon Styles

  • TowelHoodie with Classic White Ribbon

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  • TowelHoodie with Classic Yellow Ribbon

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  • Sale!

    TowelHoodie with Classic Navy Ribbon Trim

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  • TowelHoodie with Classic Red Ribbon Trim

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“I was pleased with the quality of towel that is used, thick, cozy and absorbent, a feeling of luxury! Also, they have certainly held up to the test of time, looking practically new even after years of use.”

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“I absolutely LOVE these towel hoodies! … so comfortable and durable … The quality of these hoodies is amazing.”

– review on Amazon

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